A satellite television system consists primarily of three components. There is the dish, the receiver, and the television. The receiver plays an instrumental role in picture quality and options. It basically takes the signal from the dish and converts it into a format that is playable on your television. Most are just standard receivers, yet some are built HD ready so that they can provide high definition quality shows on your HDTV. It is also compatible with those programs that are not in HD. Another difference is that some come equipped with a DVR built into them for recording your favorite movies and shows.

There is a lot to consider when choosing a proper receiver for your satellite system. Many come with over 100 GB hard drives and some even feature massive 250GB drives for lengthy recording. VCRs and other equipment can be directly connected to most receivers. Most come with the ability to record shows up to 50 or 100 hours and can do so with HD if compatible with the other components of course. Some receivers allow you to hook up multiple televisions and or attach multiple dishes. Sometimes people use a second receiver with a satellite dish to increase efficiency.

You can get most of your satellite equipment directly from your service provider. For instance, DirecTV and Dish Network usually offer systems for their consumers. However, you can also buy the system from popular manufactures such as Sony and JVC. Sometimes these will offer a little more compared to the standard models from your provider.


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